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Powerful Witnesses: March for Life 2015

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With the exception of the years I was living in Rome for seminary studies, I have gone to Washington, D.C. every January for the March for Life, marking the anniversary of the awful decision of our nation’s Supreme Court in 1973 to legalize abortion in our country. This year, I did not attend the March because I had just started in a new assignment and the timing made it difficult to plan. Here is a great video that I think captures the beauty of why people go to the March for Life:

Each year on January 22nd people young and old (though the crowd is looking predominantly younger each year) participate in a peaceful march on our nation’s capital ending at the Supreme Court to voice our opposition to the “Roe vs Wade” decision and also to give a voice to the MOST vulnerable in society, those who do not have a voice of their own, the unborn!

Now many probably don’t know much about the March for Life and that’s because the secular media doesn’t give it much coverage, probably because they are very much opposed to what we stand for. But regardless of what the media shows or doesn’t, those present know the truth, that EVERY human life is SACRED and worth defending!


In addition to the walk on the National Mall, there are a number of prayer vigils and youth rallies for the hundreds of thousands that converge on our nation’s capitol. The morning of the March, there is huge youth rally at the Verizon center with about 15,000 young people, hundreds of priests and bishops and cardinals as well!

This year, there was a powerful witness given by the homilist for that Mass, check it out here:


Let us continue to pray for the unborn and all women who find themselves thinking about an abortion! Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!


One thought on “Powerful Witnesses: March for Life 2015

  1. Thank you for sharing a beautiful story. Out of a tragedy Our Lord will bring goodness; in this story holiness. Praise God!

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