"Zeal for your house will consume me" (Ps 69:9)

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Being there and here at the same time…

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Look familiar? How many times have we, at different stages in our lives, gone to Mass and just gone through the motions and not really entered into the mystery of our faith.

I love the line in this short clip when the young man says to his brother, “it is like I am there, like I am there and here at the same time.”

This video helps us to see what Christ wants us to experience at every Mass! To come to the realization of His love for each of us, on a real and personal level, to experience Him in a radically new way!

As we enter into Holy Week, let us pray for the grace to encounter our Lord in this way, that through our prayer and devotion we our eyes might be open in such a way that we might be in our parish churches, but at the same time, be there with our Lord.

Let us pray to enter Jerusalem with him on Palm Sunday, praising God for what He has done in the life of His Son.

Let us be present at the Last Supper where Christ washes the feet of His disciples and gives us the Eucharist for the first time on Holy Thursday.

Let us stand at the foot of Cross with Mary and John on Good Friday, looking upon our Lord, who was crucified for our sins.

Let us mourn and hold vigil with the disciples on Holy Saturday as we await the light of Christ that over comes the darkness of sin and death.

Let us celebrate with great joy on Easter Sunday morning as we experience the Resurrection of Christ from the Death.


One thought on “Being there and here at the same time…

  1. That was great! God is good!

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